A year ago... my first dSLR camera

It's been exactly a year since my first dSLR camera arrived on my front porch, the result of hours of research and reading reviews, asking friends for their recommendations, and finally making the decision. And I've never regretted it. I love my camera, a Nikon d5200 with two lenses:  a Sigma 18-250 OS macro zoom, and a Nikon 35mm prime.

In the past year, I've had so much fun focusing my camera on my favorite subject: landscapes. Road trips and landscapes are just perfectly in synch for me.

Besides lots of road trips, my camera has gone on hikes and picnics, cross-country skiing and fly fishing. It goes to wineries with us, and goes to parties and family gatherings.

At home, my camera is always close at hand, and when I leave the house, I feel naked if my camera doesn't come with me.

Looking at the world through the lens has become a habit now. Things look different through the lens, and you may discover that whatever view you chose first just might change once you look through the viewfinder. For me, it's especially true when it comes to photographing the small details around me. Like plants and flowers... when I spotted these ferns uncurling in the spring, I had a completely different photograph in mind. But when I checked all the curls through the viewfinder, this one looked the best through the lens.

Having a really great camera has made such a difference to my photography this year. I've learned so much more about digital photography, and re-learned a lot of techniques and skills from my old 35mm days. This year I hope to take a few online classes and keep stretching as a photographer.

That's my goal... to keep learning.

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