Feel free to weed...

On our way to breakfast at the Fall City Roadhouse this morning, we spotted a wine tasting sign just up the road. So after breakfast we invited our friends to come along and check it out.

William Grassie Wine Estates is a one-man operation, with a beautiful setting on a hillside above the river. When we drove in, the owner was doing yardwork and invited us to join him... or come up to the deck to sample some wine. We laughed and chose the wine. He settled us down on the deck and brought Riedel glasses and bottles of wine, and shared his story with us.

The sunshine made the wine bloom in the glass, with each variety of wine spilling a unique colored refraction onto the tiles.

Two women wandered down toward the Pinot Noir vineyard, wineglasses in hand, and Bill invited them to feel free to weed. He was the perfect host: inviting all newcomers to come sample wine, or work in the yard if they preferred.

The MX-5 shared honors for the brightest spot in the yard with this gorgeous clump of sun-kissed tulips.

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