Spring rain again...

We lazed around most of the day, through the rainy morning and noon-time bowl of homemade soup, through mugs of tea and surfing the internet and watching Dr. Who.

My inside projects are coming along...  a new design for padded inserts for my Nikon, to replace the set I made last year. Finished the latest set of hexagons for a someday Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt (the perfect project to work on while watching a movie). Tried on my fishing shirts, and they hang on me now. They'll need tailoring before fishing season, or maybe I can pass them on to Dave. The blue shirt is the exact color of his eyes.

Around 3:00 it cleared up and the sun even came out briefly... the birds hit the feeders, but their chirping stopped abruptly when it suddenly got dark and started to pour down rain again.

I'm losing hope that I can work in the yard again tomorrow, but it's OK... I've got plenty of time.

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