One drawer at a time

I love the local car dealer's commercial: "Planting a forest, one test drive at a time." You see, they plant a tree every time someone comes in to test drive one of their cars. Well, they don't run out and stick a tree in the ground just anywere, right after the potential customer heads out the lot. But they keep track, and once a year they gather up the employees and owners and volunteers, and they plant trees in one designated place. It's pretty cool, actually.

I've been de-cluttering my house by going through cupboards and closets and drawers, and weeding out the worn out, the not needed, the don't fit anymore, and the haven't been used in years. It's kind of liberating, actually. It's easier to find the clothes that do fit, the socks that are free from holes, and the kitchen containers that have lids. My house has already thanked me. My husband has yet to notice. But he will.

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