Peaceful mornings...

I love the early hours at our lakeside cabin. For sixteen years now, my routine has been the same: wake up with the sun, and carry my mug down to the water's edge to see what the morning has to share.

This morning these ducks weren't the only early risers. Our small lake got a big stock of fish last fall, and another stock of jumbo rainbows just a week ago. So there were also a few fishing boats out already, with anglers hoping to catch the big ones.

Just after these ducks swam past, an eagle swooped down and did a dozen fly-by's around these poor ducks. The ducks circled and squawked, and the eagle beat his wings and kept darting at the ducks, over and over. When he'd lost altitude and was in danger of a dunk in the lake, he flew back to his perch in a nearby tree. He took another run at some tiny bufflehead ducks later in the day, and when he did the same thing, I was pretty sure the eagle was just messing with them.

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