Earth day

It's been a typical April day in the Northwest...  brilliant sunshine and blue skies this morning, while I cleaned the kitchen and started the laundry, stripped the bed and made it up with fresh linens, then settled down for an hour (or three) of re-scaling photos for my blog. I went out to do a bit of blackberry whacking and bird watching, and just after I walked back inside, the sky fell... in the form of hail from black clouds, followed by torrential rainfall. And repeat, the rest of the day.

And here I was thinking of spending Earth Day with my hands in the dirt, as it should be. Dirt yes, mud no thank you.

So instead, I searched for a photograph that showed my patio gardens in full bloom, and found this picture of me with my Thoroughbred mare, Fallon. It was taken in 1987 on a much nicer spring day, right after her first bath of the year.

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