A good start to my reading list...

When I worked, I did my browsing for books at a local used book store. I loved owning my books, especially owning complete series of books from my favorite authors. But once I retired, I gradually got used to browsing for my reading material at our big county library system.

I especially enjoy the Choice Reads shelves just inside the front door of each branch. There you'll find books chosen by the staff, or brand new best sellers, or books that were highly regarded by critics. I always stop to browse when I come in to return books, and I always find something interesting to read.

I've been stocking up on books, hoping for cold winter weather to give me an excuse to stay indoors and read by the fire. Here are a few on my reading stool:

Bill Bryson | A Walk in the Woods (rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail)

Stephanie Barron | Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (something like #12 in the series; I should really start at the beginning... but then again, I've got this one in hand)

Robert Wilson | You Will Never Find Me (a new author for me, with loads of promise)

Olen Steinhauer | All the Old Knives

Laura Lippman | Hush Hush (an old favorite author; I love her books)

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  1. I have a few authors that I want to have all the books of. Our library is has less and less books each year. I loved A Walk in the Woods, I read that this summer before we saw the movie.


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