Unexpected things...

Today was sunny and clear, with a sunrise that streaked the sky with color... such a welcome change from the past few foggy mornings. It felt like a day where anything was possible, and you never know what you might find, just around the bend. A day to get out and explore, a day to look for the unexpected.

A barn that dreams above its reflection in a flooded pasture.

A "no trespassing" sign that should have read, "no swimming."

A usually dry ditch that's become a stream you could float a kayak on.

Heading north, deep in the woods near Ravensdale, is a memorial for four men killed in the Landsburg Mine disaster of 1955. We really wanted to go find it, but kept running into no trespassing signs. We'll try again... there must be a public way in... there are sixteen geocaches in these woods.

In a small-town park to look for a geocache, I cut across the baseball diamond and it looked like an entire elk herd spent the night there. Lots of big elk prints. Really big.

And finally, a redwood tree on an old farmstead, brought from California in the early 1960s. The tree is the only thing that remains of the farm, demolished when the WA-18 interchange was built.

It's what I love about road trips, no matter how short. You never know what you'll find.


  1. Yes, I loved yesterday's sunshine! Cool reflections and pic of the elk tracks.

  2. Oh yes, road trips are the best, no matter near or far.


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