Waking to snow...

 I woke at 3:00 am, here on the east side. And it was snowing. When we all got up a few hours later, there was a flurry of coats and boots being pulled on, of locating keys, of dogs dashing out into the new white of the morning. The morning light in the snow was blue. The guys shifted SUVs so Bernie could get the John Deere out, and scrape three inches of snow off the parking area, and the driveway.

It snowed off and on all day. It was a welcome sight as we waited in line for Winterhop to begin, as past years have been bare and warm, or bitterly icy. In early afternoon, I took a break from beer and photographed some of my favorite 100-year-old brick buildings. I love the remnants of advertising signs, painted right on the brick.

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  1. Perfect for you. I too love ghost signs, we have a few in our downtown.


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