Growing fast...

Sometimes, pictures just make me laugh out loud. Like this one. We've got company coming for the weekend, so Madison got another bath. We plopped her down in front of the wood stove to dry, and she spent an hour "washing" herself dry.

It's hard to believe 
how much Madison has
changed in just six weeks. 
From 4.2 pounds...

... to 7.1 pounds. Madison is growing so fast, and if she has the breeding we think she has, she may get very big indeed. 

At first, we thought Maine Coon. But now we're thinking she is closer to a Siberian. She has more of the characteristics of the Siberian, and is a dead-ringer for some of the online photographs we've seen. 

Time will tell... and these big cats can take five years to grow up, so we'll have lots of time to watch her grow. 

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