This morning it hailed, twice. It got thicker and thicker, until it looked like a river of ice falling from the sky. I scooped up Madison and took her to the window to see; it's probably her first hailstorm. I went outside for a closer look (leaving Madison inside), and turning 360 degrees I could see a band of blue sky all around the horizon. The thick clouds made a bowl above our heads most of the day.

Only one thing to do... go take a walk on the Lake Youngs trail. We made it a fast walk; it's turned cold and threatens to rain again.

While Dave roamed the woods looking for a geocache, I just stood and looked at the woods. There's something so wonderfully chaotic about woods in the Northwest. It can be tough to find a point of interest, so sometimes I just like to aim and shoot and capture all the amazing variety of it all.

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  1. I am such a horizon girl, being in lots of woods is very hard for me.


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