It's the first day of a new year, full of possibilities. Winter is a great time to slow the pace, to take time to reflect and plan, while winter gets on with its cold temperatures and snow and rain and whatever else it wants to throw at us.

Our weather has turned beautiful and sunny and cold, and I pulled open all the blinds and built a fire, and sat down to enjoy the sunshine along with my mug of tea. Madison climbed up on my lap, and as we cuddled, it was clear that DW was right:  it's time for the dreaded first bath.

So off they went to the bathroom, and I crossed my fingers. I think The Bath is the ultimate indicator of a cat's disposition, and really hoped she wouldn't go ballistic. And in spite of the ferocious pose, Maddie was as good as gold.

There are few things more amusing than a long-haired cat that's soaking wet, so some photos were in order. Then I wrapped her in a bath towel and took her out by the wood stove where it was warm. All my other cats would spend hours washing every inch all over again, but she didn't. She was happy to snuggle down in a succession of warm, dry towels, and purr.


  1. That looks like one angry cat! But the photo made me laugh.


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