Winter pond...

I was in the mood for a big bowl of oatmeal this morning, one I didn't have to cook. So we headed off toward Mt. Rainier and had breakfast at one of our favorite little cafe's, then drove up into the hills for my snow fix. We stomped around in the snow to find some geocaches, then headed home. DW made a sudden decision to take another road home, and when we spotted a flooded pasture, made another one of those sudden turns. And lucky him, there's a geocache here. So while he searched for the cache, I braced my camera on a handy fence post and photographed the water fowl and the pair of eagles hanging out at this new pond. This wide plateau is one of my favorite haunts when I want to photograph barns, and today the light was beautiful. If you look closely, you'll see one of the huge eagles sitting on a fence post at the water's edge, to the left of the scene.

As soon as I got out of the Pilot, the ducks took flight. Sure that the eagle would also leave, I quickly snapped a few shots without messing with any settings. And the eagle just sat there, while the ducks got all excited.

So while the birds are in focus, the background unfortunately is also in focus, which makes it hard to see the birds. Oh, well... tomorrow I'll go back with the tripod, and camp out by this pond, and try again.


  1. That blue sky has me jealous. I haven't seen it for a while.

  2. Nice shot of the birds in flight!


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