White elephants

We've tried them all in the 40+ years I've been part of this family. Gifts for everyone led to family gifts, then gifts only for the kids under 18, then no gifts (but too many people still brought something for everyone). That disaster led to drawing names, then to cookie exchanges. But last year we finally made it to the White Elephant game, and everyone agreed that this was absolutely the most fun and relaxing way to exchange gifts. I don't know why it took us so long!

The Spam gift box was a big hit with our college student.

The ceramic barn cookie jar was a big hit with this barn lover.

I was sure this barbecue apron would be stolen by one of the 
hard core chefs in the family, but Nicole held onto it.

Mary was thrilled with this compact roadside emergency kit, but I think Bruce wants it.

DWs box has backbacking food; it will be perfect for next summer's family pack trip.

Tom's going to organize his trunk.


  1. I agree, "white elephant" gift exchanges are the most fun!

  2. Those are nice white elephant gifts.


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