Sun in the city...

We got a miracle this morning... when we headed north the sun actually came out. A beautiful hole in the rain clouds, right over the city. Blue skies, sun, and howling wind on the city streets, but I'll take it. After our meeting in Belltown, we stayed around for lunch. A window seat and a view of Elliott Bay, fish and chips, and the blue, blue sky. Lovely.

After lunch we wandered over to the Lenora Street pedestrian bridge to check out the view. This overpass and elevator was created to give better access to the waterfront below, with a gorgeous view of the waterfront, and art you can sit on:  a wide circular bench made from art tiles.

We walked down the stairs to the waterfront, and I got my wish: subjects for my camera. I've been stuck indoors for so many days, I felt like I'd been let out of detention for a day.

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