Old doors...

There's an old door in the barn that I'd love to refinish and use in the farmhouse. It was painted an ugly flat brown, and the paint is peeling. Near as I can tell from the old layers of paint, the house was never cream or brown, never a color that would go with a dark brown door. It's a mystery. The door is beautiful, with a solid wood panel in the lower third of the door, and the upper two-thirds of the door has 12 small panes of glass. I've always thought it would make the perfect door for our bedroom, or for the main floor bathroom. Or maybe we could cut it down for the wine cellar door. It must have come out of the house, removed for something more modern, but carefully set aside in case it was ever needed.

The upper floor in our old farmhouse still has the original doors, and they all match. These doors are simple single panel doors, and they have the original hardware: oversized hollow brass doorknobs. So this multi-light door didn't come from the upstairs.

The downstairs was "modernized" in the late 1960s, and the interior doors are now simple hollow-core doors. I suspect the main floor doors once matched the ones upstairs, but unfortunately, the owner didn't save the doors or the hardware.

This fancy door could have been the original front door, but I don't think I'd use it for that. It wouldn't be a very secure main entry door, not with all the glass.

The doors are a mystery, lost, just like the original floorplan of the house.

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