Tucker barn, Christmas 2014

Tonight is Beer Thursday, but neither of us felt like going. It was gloomy and drizzly most of the day, but thankfully warmer... if you can call mid-40's warm. It never really got light today, a hint of the winter that's just around the corner.

I've been into reuse lately... using one thing as raw materials to make something else. Sort of like making a quilt:  cutting perfectly good fabric into small pieces, then stitching them back together. But this time, I'm playing with paper.

Madison snoozed on Dave's chest for a while; he's still getting over a bug he had over Thanksgiving, and she's getting over spay surgery. A perfect match of sleepyheads. We did go out for our daily cache, and bought some new fish for the tank. Then home to polish off the last pieces of pizza, a green salad, and later, the rest of the cheesecake that Jeff & Anna brought to the cabin.

Another rainy, gloomy, dark, and stormy December day.

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