How did I get here?

Madison sits and stares at us, those amber eyes watching wherever we go. I can just hear her thinking: where am I, how did I get here, and... who are you?

Today was cold and dry, a good day to sit by the fire. Madison and I spent the morning snuggling on the couch. We did so well with this kitten... she's absolutely perfect, and we're both smitten.

I should have run errands on such a nice day, but couldn't bring myself to leave our new kitty alone. So I worked on Christmas decorations, and did some writing, and kept the fire going, while DW helped a friend haul his boat out of the water for some repairs.

We watched a bit of NCIS, grabbed a geocache, and bought a Papa Murphy's pizza to go with the growler of Boundary Bay brown we brought home yesterday. Pizza and beer is an old habit that can't get started again... but neither of us feels all that good today, so not cooking sounded just fine.

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