The cat search took us to three shelters in the north, on our drive to Canada. And at the last one, we found the perfect kitten. We saw lots of cats and kittens that would have made great additions to the family, but when I saw this wee bundle of fluff, I just knew she was the one.

I've been collecting favorite names for months now, both for dogs and cats, thinking ahead (and doing a bit of wishful thinking, I admit).

In the last shelter, in the last room, after looking at a cage full of adorable kitten siblings, I saw her. A fluffy bundle of dark grey and light gold fur. When I stopped to say hello, she opened her eyes. Deep topaz eyes with a narrow ring of bright green, stunning. Before we got to play with her in a private room, before we'd filled out adoption papers, I knew.

We'd named her before we hit the border to Canada. We had a great time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I know we were both thinking ahead to today, when we could pick Madison up, and take her home.


  1. Oh what a cute kitty! I'm sure she will be a wonderful pet.

  2. She is ADORABLE! Love her eyes, her "M" and her name. PURRFECT! <3


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