A cat in the house...

We're cat sitting for friends who are cruising in Italy. Murphy is a big (is there any other kind?) Maine Coon tabby.

The first day, he hid under the basement stairs. And, on the second day.

The third day, I spent the morning reading and writing in the downstairs family room, to keep him company. He wandered through a couple of times and said hello, but hissed if I touched him.

The fourth day, I spent most of the day sitting with him. It was raining, and I had a raging headache, so the peace and quiet of the basement suited me just fine. He spent more time exploring today; he likes sitting on the windowsill to watch the birds.

The fifth day, he came upstairs all by himself, but slept most of the day on my chair in the family room. He's laying low while there are kids in the house.

On Halloween, I carried Murphy upstairs three times to explore. On this rainy and chilly day, we built a fire in the woodstove and put his basket in front of the hearth, and that was all he needed to feel completely at home. That night, he slept on our bed.

We get to have him for three weeks, and then we really need to find a new kitten of our own. The house needs a cat.

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