Rainy days...

So, here we are... the first day of the eleventh month. Just three weeks from Thanksgiving. The first snow in the pass is expected on Tuesday. And we're getting an inch of rain (or more) every day, with no end in sight. This is usually how fall colors ends here in the Pacific Northwest... with a storm. Between hard rain and high winds, there won't be much left on the trees soon.

The hydrangea blooms have turned from rich blue to bright pink, and soon they'll turn dry and fall. I think the blooms at this last stage are beautiful.

We ventured out (briefly) in the monsoon raining down on our little town. We dropped our ballots, grabbed a quick lightskirt cache, and headed home again.

Home to a cozy farmhouse with a fire in the woodstove, and a cat on the sofa, purring.

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