A year of no fishing...

I really thought this would be the year for fly fishing. We had plans, we really did. We got out for a guided float on the Yakima River the end of April, and talked about going back to the South Fork Lodge, and floating the canyon of the south fork of the Snake River again. Plans to drop a line into more creeks and rivers in SE Idaho. Plans to fish again in western Colorado, when we visited family in September.

And near home, we planned to fish the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River. Unfortunately for me, this is the year the forest service decided to replace bridges and reroute the road, and it was closed to all access most of the year.

This fall, we traveled through the West again, on a four-week road trip. And took our fly fishing gear. At each stop we hauled our rods and fishing packs into our motel room, and packed them back in the truck each morning. Each day, I'd make notes of the streams and rivers we saw that would be fun to fish. We drove up dirt roads and looked for good river access points. All that beautiful water in Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon... we never saw a single person fly fishing. We chalked it up to the opening of hunting season.

And in 5,600 miles... we never wet a line.

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