Why I go to the cabin...

To be outdoors, closer to nature (although living full-time on acreage makes that less of a necessity). To leave the computer at home, and read a stack of books instead. To have quality time with family and friends. To watch nieces and nephews enjoy this place I love, and watch my brother-in-law teach his granddaughters how to fish.

To sit on the deck long after dark on a summer night, sipping red wine and reading. To gaze at the stars, and watch for meteors and count satellites, with my back to a roaring fire, the lake at my feet. To watch eagles and ospreys dive toward the lake in search of a meal. To float on the lake on a Sunday afternoon, after the weekenders have gone home, drinking in the peace.

I've been there on hot summer days when a sudden storm blew up and dumped an inch of rain in a couple of hours. And in winter, when the lake has frozen over and there's snow on the ground. It's magical when buried in snow, and we're snug inside in front of a roaring fire.

To sit on the deck, watching the lake... with absolutely nothing else I'd rather be doing.

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