It must have been the Guinness...

This rainy day turned out to be perfect for getting together with friends for brunch. It's not something we do often; brunch can be deadly... it's all too easy to eat too much. We've all been here before, and know the best approach: go straight to the seafood bar. Oysters, crab, prawns, grilled steelhead, lox and bagels, steamed mussels and clams, grilled salmon, smoked salmon Benedict. Yum. My mouth was watering yesterday, just thinking about it!  Our friend moaned after his third trip through, that he couldn't have eaten that much... it must have been the Guinness that filled him up.

I hoped the weather would be better today, so we could go for a walk on the beach. Alas, it rained cats and dogs all morning. So instead we grabbed a cache, bought some fish, then went to a park I know. I've been wanting to photograph a gorgeous row of trees turning color against a backdrop of green fields, and the late afternoon light was perfect. This park is one of the few places I know where the landscape is unspoiled by power lines and roads and structures. Most of it is old farmland and rolling pastures, overgrown for decades before being acquired for an open space park. The acreage has been cleared gradually; mowing the weeds and brambles, but leaving all the native trees intact. The result has been beautiful.

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  1. Beautiful fall colors! And yeah, I always overeat at a buffet....


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