Farm pond...

It's been stormy all day. Driving rain, the wind howling through the cedar trees, fir branches crashing to the ground, patio furniture blowing around. After a dry summer and autumn, our pond is three times its normal size, making islands of trees that normally stand on the bank.

I ventured out mid afternoon to do my daily geocache, getting as wet as I've ever gotten when caching. "At the base of it" was the hint; I guessed at the base of one of several very wet cedar trees, branches heavy with water, nearly dragging on the ground. Oh well, I thought... that's what raincoats are for (something DW reminded me of just an hour ago).

It's just before sunset now, and the wind is still howling. But the rain has stopped and the very air has turned pink, and just past the cedar tree I can see a bit of blue sky and sunset colors streaking the western sky. Not a bad ending to this very wet day.

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