Change of season...

At our cabin by the lake, there are changes of season, then there's the change to the off season. It's the beginning of what is probably my favorite time there. I love that feeling of aloneness that comes when the summer people have packed up and left, leaving behind the peace and quiet that's missing the rest of the year.

We'll be here for four days this time, as we're closing up the cabin for the winter. We did some exploring yesterday, then DW finished cleared branches and leaves off the roofs, and cleaned the gutters. I cleaned the cabin and cooked, brought in wood and kept a fire going, and tried my darndest to break my foot and ankle, slipping downhill on the debris DW blew off the deck. So I spent most of Friday afternoon and Saturday in front of the fire, with my foot up on a stool.

My sister came in the late afternoon; she's taking a weaving class near here, and is spending the nights with us. And tonight, Jeff and Anna are coming for dinner.

The weather has been cold and clear, the moon rising bright in the sky. In the morning, the sun rises with little fanfare and little color, above a lake like glass.

Tomorrow we head home, and I don't know when we'll be back. We'll see what the weather holds.

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