A street goes back in time...

Our last afternoon in Dublin last June, I took a walk through the Georgian neighborhood where we were staying, to photograph the doors. I'm an architect's daughter, what can I say! There's one street near our hotel that's lined with colorful doors set into fan-lighted frames, and I couldn't leave town without another look.

I walked up the street, walking back and forth to look at the doors, and spotted this old car in a handicapped spot.

But when I saw the harnessed horse standing next to a horse box, I got really interested. Halfway up the block, there was a lot of activity. Trucks parked with piles of gear, and a lot of people standing around, and I figured it out: there's a film crew here.

I abandoned the doors for a minute, and walked up to see what was going on. The filming was set up in an alley, and I really couldn't see much. A resident walked up just then, and we chatted while we watched. There were others besides me walking around with cameras, but the crew didn't seem to mind. There's an antique delivery wagon just outside the alley, so I figure they're filming a period movie or show. I was patient and content to wait around. Finally the crew called for the horse, the handlers hitched him up to the wagon, and I got the photos I was wishing for.

And all those gorgeous doors? Watch for another post soon.


  1. That is a lovely door! And how lucky to stumble across the film crew.

    1. Thank you, Linda. This was a whole street of Georgian-era townhouses, and every door was beautiful. And watching the film crew was a fun bonus to my walk that day.


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