Escape artist...

After vacationing in Ireland, then a road trip, then family arriving from Australia, followed by a month-long road trip to Colorado (and Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon), then the return of the Aussies, then cat sitting the adorable Murphy... (whew!)... we've started the hunt for a kitten or two.

It's been a bit over six months since we lost our last cat, James. She was an American Shorthair, with the swirl pattern on her coat, but was much bigger boned. So I think she probably had some Maine Coon in her; they have the same patterned coat.

But this wee girl is pretty cute. She and her siblings were in an old stable block on a farm in Ireland. Escape artist? She'd fit right in at our house!


  1. Thanks! This stable block was on a farm set up for school kids to visit, and each stall had a different kind of animal: puppies, goats, sheep, and these tabby kittens.


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