Catching up...

Another inch of rain fell yesterday. Our pond is overflowing; by tomorrow it could be over the driveway. Down the hill from our house, the creek has flooded the county road.

All day yesterday the leaves blew past the windows, stripped from the trees by the constant wind and rain. The alders and birches are bare now, but the old walnut tree is still golden, and the leaves on the big-leaf maples are hanging on.

The leaves scattered across our patio today aren't mine... the dark red maple and bright red oak leaves blew in from our neighbor's beautiful landscaping.

A quiet morning, full of sun and blue skies. A day to catch up on laundry and housekeeping, to pack away my summer shorts and shirts, and look for my turtlenecks. Finished The Sparrow Sisters, and started Tess Gerritson's Die Again.

Tonight I met friends in town for a glass of wine and dinner at our favorite spot for happy hour.

It was a good day.

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  1. Yeah, it was quite a storm we got! Hopefully you're drying out today. :)


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