One of those days...

Madison woke me with a gentle paw tap on the chin. The Tundra went out for service; we came home with a loaner. Then the Pilot went out for windshield repair; DW got nailed by a rock on the highway yesterday, and came home with a quarter-sized chip. While we waited, we walked on the valley trail and grabbed a couple of geocaches, then home to spread out a tarp on the shed roof. With all the inches of rain the past 10 days, it's sprung a leak. I brought in firewood and built up the fire, then sat down to listen to music and make earrings. I have trees to decorate and laundry to finish, but somehow doing something creative suited my mood.

Madison's current favorite place is the keyboard of DW's laptop


  1. Hopefully that will be the end of your repairs for a while.


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