Bear in black and white

This year I won't be putting out the antique toys and the train and the bears on the Mission Oak cabinet in the living room. With a new cat who is flexing her skills at jumping, that doesn't seem like the best idea. So I thought a photo on my blog might be fun, and started looking for photos from previous teddy bear's Christmas displays.

But I got sidetracked. Thinking about the antique toys reminded me that I never unpacked the bears I put away for safekeeping last summer, when we had three little kids staying with us. When that was done, it was time to go out for a geocache before it got dark. Then it was time to think about dinner.

So instead, I decided to post a photo of the one bear that's always out on the Mission cabinet. This cute mohair Boyd's bear is one of my favorites, and so is the transferware platter.

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