A cold day at sea...

My day required jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece pullover, down sweater, canvas barn coat with down liner, two pairs of wool socks, boots, gloves, a fleece scarf wrapped around my neck, and a fleece hat pulled low over my ears.

Our friend, Larry, just had the engine rebuilt on his cruiser, and invited us out for a shake-down cruise on Puget Sound. On this foggy and cold day, it was tough to stay warm once we got out on the water... glad I brought along the fleece and nylon lap robe from the MX-5.

It figures today would be one of the coldest days this month; the low temperatures plus the fog made it a bone-chilling afternoon. It didn't stop people from being out on the water though; for once, it wasn't raining. We've had our share... halfway into the month, we've already had 6 inches of rain (much more where I live, closer to the foothills).

I've been very into reflections lately; the calm water behind the breakwater gave a beautiful painterly look to these reflections of boats and birds.

There was a lot of ship traffic today, like this container ship outside Commencement Bay, waiting for a tug escort. We watched until both tugs were in place to nudge the ship into dock, then headed back to the marina.

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