Basic black...

Ever since I watched my sister walk right across the Tahuya river one fall, I've wanted my own Bogs. Living on acreage with horses, I always had farm boots. Clunky, too-big, bone-chilling-cold rubber boots, that never lasted more than a couple of years. I wanted something better, so I can get down to our pond in the wet months, and go watch the salmon go up the rivers to spawn.

The short Bogs boots with the side hand grips are everywhere, even the local discount stores. But I guarantee this: any water I attempt to cross will be just over the bottom of those side openings, and my feet will get wet. No, I wanted the tall, knee-high boots with neoprene uppers for warmth.

And finally, I found the perfect pair at a local farm store. I had a choice between pink patchwork (not me), bright green cammo (I don't think so), or plain black.

Basic black is cammo enough for me.

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  1. I love my Bogs, but obviously I have to have Paisley ones :) I am on my second pair, I wear them out from so much use. They are great for wet or snow and cold.


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