An armload of books...

The truck needed a visit to the glass shop today; the windshield has sprung a leak. It will trade places with the tractor (under cover) until we get a sunny day, to give it time to dry out. At this rate, it might be next spring. Hope the tractor won't mind.

On the way home, we stopped at the library to pick up the armload of books I'd reserved. When I walked in the door, I realized why the parking lot was so crowded: a local kids choir was performing, and they were so good I had to stop and listen until they'd finished. Christmas is such a musical time, isn't it? I always look forward to the first of December, to all the Christmas carols on the radio, and playing my favorite holiday music. I especially love the collections of New Age music from Windham Hill.

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  1. What great timing to be able to hear the children's choir performance.


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