The 25th day...

We were greeted at the front porch by our 7-year-old niece, and spent a few happy hours with home-made pastries, lots of catching up, a tour of Anna's new preschool classroom, hide-and-seek, and talking with the guys while playing pool. Then we moved to my sister's house for more talk and watching the rain pound the roofs and cooking and sampling wine from Plain. The cats got braver and braver with all the family and the skies turned dark, and we shared a simple dinner of lasagne and salad and bread and dessert, sitting around the table until well after dark. No messy kitchen meant more time to talk with everyone, and I treasured the time.

The girls liked the earrings I made for them, and the packaging: the tiny lilac twig that held them inside an Altoids tin, wrapped in pages from an old paperback book.

Our gifts were all about light this year: homemade beeswax candles and a candle holder fashioned from a round of hardwood. A beehive candle. A solar light that will be perfect for backpacking next summer. And a motion-activated light for the outhouse at the cabin.


  1. Very cute packaging for your niece's gifts!

  2. I love the idea of having a theme for presents.


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