Finding motivation...

I find it most difficult to stay motivated when the days literally run one into the next, downpours of rain that keep me indoors. I get outside for my daily geocache, rain or shine, but won't subject my Nikon to the torrents of rain.

So I go a little stir crazy.

When we came home from the grocery store, the creek was starting to wash over the shoulder of the county road at the foot of our hill. It hasn't flooded there since the county raised the roadbed a few years ago, so that tells you how much, how long, it's been raining. Storm water ponds are overflowing. Pastures along are flooded. The pond in the corner of our pasture has overflowed its banks, and is crouched right at the edge of our private road.

If this doesn't stop soon, I may need to look for more ways to describe rain.

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  1. Yup, it's been miserably soggy here in Portland too. But it's snowing in the mountains now, so I'm ok with the rain.


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