Being indoors...

A 14,410-foot mountain is hiding behind those streaky white clouds

There's a pretty solid theme to my musings this month...  mostly about the weather, going out into it, and staying inside to escape it.

But there have been brilliant days interspersed into all this soggy gloominess. Days with blue sky and wild white clouds. Days so still that absolutely perfect reflections are possible.

This morning I walked my favorite trail for a while, into a wind so strong I had to hold my hood with both hands. My daily cache in hand, I turned around to head back to the car, just as the heavens opened up and soaked me. Grrrr....

Back home (and dried off), I settled down with hot tea and finished wrapping Christmas presents, while watching Antiques Roadshow. The wind was blowing outside the windows, but I was surrounded by the warmth from the woodstove and the smell of pasta sauce cooking on the stove. It's 38 degrees and raining outside... that makes being indoors even better.

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