A good day. Up early for a shower, then a hot mug of tea by the fire. Maddie played and entertained, then Dave got up, asking, "Did you have breakfast?" Unfortunately, he got up three hours after I did. So, yes, I had already had breakfast.

So we did the next best thing: caught up on e-mail and internet news and laundry, then went out for a geocache in the snow, along the Green River Road in Auburn. We ended up in downtown, just a block away from the Irish pub we like. They were open, and there was a curbside parking spot, no denying that bit of good luck. When we walked in, the Seahawks game was on; Perfect! We snagged a corner booth, checked out the the beers on tap, and both ordered a Jolly Roger. Boy, did that bring back memories of winters past, getting together with good friends and drinking Jolly or Jubelale or Snow Cap while catching up. Today we had a late lunch, watched the Seahawks game, and watched the snow fall.

No one expected snow today, and I loved this completely unexpected weather event.


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