Better late...

This little photo shows what I love to look for in the woods... the detail of rock and moss and leaf and bark that when joined together, makes a forest.
. . . . .

Four years ago I set a goal for myself: to learn more in-depth the photo editing software I've used for years, Photoshop Elements. I know so many people who have moved on to Lightroom, and I'd love to do the same. But this is the software I have, and I know there are better ways to edit my photographs.

On the last day of the year, I went through my photographs in search of one photo to illustrate each month. As I browsed, I was disappointed to see so many dull photos that didn't tell a story. While I'd prefer to not take this kind of photograph, that's another goal. I don't want to have to tweak my photographs. But if a quick fix will bring life to a photograph, I'd like to know the best way.

And as I learn new skills, I'll practice on those disappointing photographs, instead of just deleting them.


  1. I switched to Lightroom a few years ago and once you learn the basics, it's a great program. But I did have to take a community college course to get started - Lightroom is not super user-friendly.

  2. For me, there are a couple of different ways to view this. . . some photos come perfect, straight out of the camera, and not much needs to be done, a quick crop maybe and a bit of contrast. Also I might have something in mind, blur or something that is not perfect, because it is what I see or feel. I always find it intriguing to go on a photo shoot with someone and compare photos at the end. Sometimes wondering if we really were together at the same place! On the flip side I can sit for a long time with one photo in Lightroom being creative, tweaking this or that, until it looks noting like what came our of the camera. It is relaxing and so very fun. Photography is different for everyone who is behind the lens of what ever camera they are using. Finding what makes your heart soar is the key.


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