Bits of me...

I can't walk on a beach without picking up a rock or bit of beach glass to bring home. Most people like sandy beaches that warm up in the sun, and feel good squished between their toes. I prefer rocky beaches with noisy surf, beaches where I can walk for hours looking for agates and jasper, or even pieces of old brick that have been scoured by the waves. Those are the beaches of my childhood, when my family spent every vacation on the Oregon coast, bringing home a bag full of rocks to run through the rock polisher. In my upstairs bathroom is a glass jar of those beautiful stones from my childhood... black and red, striped and heart-shaped, white quartz and agates of yellow and gold and copper.


  1. I like both kinds of beach, and thankfully we have both right here in Michigan.

  2. Rocky beaches are much more interesting than sandy ones!


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