Bug in the woods...

For quite a while now, I've wanted to explore the Danville-Georgetown open space park, and pick up the many geocaches there. It's a few hundred acres, named for one of the coal mining towns that used to be there (Georgetown), and the railroad that serviced the area. It's a popular place for horseback riding, which is evident by the parking "lot:" a quarter-mile long extra-wide strip along the road, perfect for horse trailer parking. Today there were nine trailers there. As I headed off down the trail, I wasn't thinking about caching... I was thinking that if I still had horses, I'd be hauling out here to ride these trails.

In spite of all the horse trailers, I had the trail to myself. I found my cache, and also a rusty red VW beetle in the woods... and I wanted to walk further than I had time for.

It seems to happen way too often. And I say "next time" way too often. I'll have to work on that.

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