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Today it was supposed to rain. But when I got up, the clouds were breaking up and the sky was too
interesting to ignore. Because of a cold and sore throat, I'd already begged off from my sewing group. So there was nothing to keep me indoors.

So I took off for the back roads, heading south to the Enumclaw Plateau in search of barns, farmhouses, and lone trees. With fingers crossed for a glimpse of Mount Rainier.

And before it started to pour, I found everything I hoped for. I stuck to the unfamiliar roads, and found this old farm, with two old barns, bare trees, and sheep. As I got out of the truck, a great blue heron flew overhead, close enough to touch, heading for the pond that's just out of the photo. This turned out to be the lull before the storm; the sky to the west was beginning to break up and patches of blue were peeking out. Twenty minutes later, the rain started and never stopped. We got more than an inch of rain today.

The Enumclaw Plateau has my favorite collection of barns and farms, and today I found barns, trees, foothills full of snow, and even an old red truck. But the mountain never made an appearance.

. . . . . . .

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  1. We have had a massive amount of rain lately too, very unusual for Michigan.


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