And so it begins...

For me, the beginning of spring starts with opening up the cabin for the season. It's my favorite place, beautiful and full of memories. Of days spent on the deck and swimming in the lake, followed by star-filled nights sitting by a campfire. Of watching eagles and osprey hunting up and down the lake. Of good food and wine shared with family and friends, and falling asleep to absolute peace and quiet.

The lake was flat calm and full of ducks when we arrived today, but it didn't last. The rains we drove through on our way here soon arrived, and the day turned gloomy and wet. By the time our friends arrived, rivers of water were flowing down the roof and the lake had all but disappeared.

I didn't really mind... we haven't seen these friends for a year, and all I wanted to do was sit and talk and catch up.

It was a perfect day.

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