Thursday evening was spent with the church gals, learning about art quilts. This style is completely outside my quilting comfort zone, but I think they're beautiful.

It's the raw edge that makes me cringe; I spent too many decades making clothes to ever be able to embrace a technique that could fray itself right out of existence. But find a way to do this without any raw seams, and I'll be a convert!

The houses are pieced, which I like. The embellishments... the windows and doors, the trees and flower boxes, are fused in place and embroidered (or not). It's all free form and anything goes.

We're supposed to make our own small art quilt for our May meeting, and I'm torn between the houses (which I love), and this floral quilt. It has a batik fabric for the background, and is machine quilted before the applique leaves and circles of flowers are fused and embroidered in place.

Or maybe I'll design a barn quilt. I've been saving some farm and animal fabrics for a wall quilt... this would be the perfect change to try out some new techniques.


  1. I love the idea of a Barn Quilt Wall Hanging :)

    1. I'll be sure to share it with you as it develops!

  2. These are beautiful quilts! You'll have to show us your finished product.


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