Cut short...

I came home early from a weekend at the cabin, to attend a memorial service for my parents' oldest friend. She and her husband moved across the street from us before I was born, and the whole family have been lifelong family friends. She lived a long, wonderful life, passing away just a week before her 95th birthday, and I will miss her.

Before the service, my sister and I had lunch together in the town we grew up in, talking about our childhood and how much things have changed in our home town. And as we talked, my sister noticed a train moving slowly through downtown, carrying three 737 airplanes on their way to the Boeing plant for final assembly.

Of all the things that have changed, one constant has been Boeing. We grew up on the hillside above the plant, with a view of the Renton airport and rows of commercial jets waiting for delivery to customer airlines. Seeing airplanes traveling through downtown brought back so many memories, we just had to walk outside to take pictures.

It's certainly one thing that sets our home town apart from any other in the country... how many people will ever see this?

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  1. I live at the edge of a river, and there is a railroad track on the other side. Every day I see the Amtrak Downeaster passenger train and many freight trains pass by, but I've never seen an airplane go by. I'd agree that is unique! I'm sorry about your friend. Almost 95 years is certainly a long life, but every passing leaves a hole in us nevertheless. My thoughts are with her family.


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