Spring cleaning...

Today felt like the eye of a hurricane... clear and sunny and brilliant blue skies, following days of storms and rain that wouldn't stop. I look out the window and think about things in bloom, of finishing up the pruning.

    Will the camellias ever bloom? I'm waiting...

But I turn my back on the garden. Today is all about cleaning out attics. By the end of the day, my kitchen was stacked with boxes of old electronics and satellite dishes and receivers and computers and modems and mice... all going to a recycling event on Saturday. It's a mess, but it feels so good to have this done. This thing we've talked about doing for a very long time finally happened.

And my biggest attic just got a whole lot bigger.

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  1. Good old spring cleaning. We have had crazy weather, snow and rain last week, partly sunny and 50's today.


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