Simple days...

Huevos Rancheros, cabin style. A tortilla loaded up with seasoned potatoes, black beans, eggs, turkey bacon, and cheese, topped with salsa. A great start to the morning, especially while reading my new book: the best fishing spots in Washington.

After breakfast, we read and cuddled with Madison (it's her third cabin weekend), then we all took a trip to town to browse through the thrift stores. Everyone settled down for a nap when we got back, but I worked on a quilting project. It rained most of the day; the ducks loved it, but I was less than thrilled about walking to the outhouse in a downpour.

We're the only ones at the lake this weekend, except for the full-timers. Only one fisherman showed up to toss in a line from the public landing, but the fish weren't biting in the rain today.

Madison spent the day by the window, keeping an eye on the lake.

I love quiet days at the cabin.

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