Winter barns...

It's snowed a half dozen times this winter (so far)... but the timing hasn't worked out at all for photographing my favorite barns with snow on the ground. To compensate for that lack (which I really feel), I've gone back to other years and other snowy landscapes, to remember some of my favorite winter scenes.

We weren't able to get to Ellensburg this winter, but in 2016 we spent a weekend with good friends, and before we drove back to the west side, I spent a few hours in a blizzard, photographing some of the farms south of town. I was the only one out on the roads, an experience I won't ever forget.

The falling snow blurs the edges, making photographs look like paintings.

Among the several hundred barns in the Kittitas Valley, many are decorated with painted quilt blocks. Kittitas County has the only designated barn quilt trail in the state of Washington.

The valley also has several intact historic homesteads, like this one west of town. I love barns, but exploring a place where old farmhouses still stand proud with their barns is so special.

Sharing my winter barns on The Barn Collective today.


  1. I don't see many barn quilts here, so I really enjoy seeing yours!

  2. Winter indeed and such beautiful seasonal shots. Love them! Thank you for taking these blizzard shots!

  3. We have another storm coming tomorrow that's expected to dump well over a foot of snow on us. I've had more than enough snow for this winter. BUT...I still enjoyed seeing these gorgeous photos!

  4. Oh, my, these are wonderful photos...I LOVE barns in snow...and I love quilt barns...so these are right up my alley!

  5. That red barn sits so pretty in the snow and what a bonus that barn quilt is. Loved seeing your snowy barn photos!

  6. Beautiful barns in the snow. Like the quilt squares.


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