I took a walk around the property today, looking for signs of spring. The camellias are loaded with buds, but only one lone bulb has a hint of cerise showing. One small purple primrose is in bloom, and the branches of the yellow plum tree are studded with tiny white buds. The fruit trees are loaded with suckers; if it ever stops raining I'll get started on the pruning. In the wide border hear the house, one of the Hellebores didn't make it through the winter, and the other shows no signs of blooming. As I walked around the patio and along the other borders, everywhere were signs of perennials pushing up through the ground.

Winter isn't over yet; it's wet and cold and the ground doesn't invite any interference from me yet. But soon...


  1. I heard the frogs singing tonight. Spring is definitely on its way!

    1. Oh, the frogs... I can hear them down on the pond at night, and sometimes when we drive in we'll roll down the windows, so we can listen.


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