Dublin, revisited...

We said our goodbyes over breakfast this morning, then gathered up our cameras and headed out. Rich and Mel headed toward Guinness; we headed back to Trinity College for a bit more shopping, then went to the National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology). This is the repository for all archaeological artifacts found in Ireland. It first opened its doors in 1890, and is free to visit. You can read about the collections here.

I was amazed by the ornate mosaic floors. Because of temporary exhibit walls it's impossible to see the floors in total, but you get the idea.

I have a thing for old pottery, and for weaponry. Not sure why. Things made by hand, with a purpose, then embellished beyond what's necessary for utility. That appeals to me, how people will create beauty, even in the midst of hardship.

When we were in Dublin two weeks ago, it rained the day we explored the Temple Bar area. Today was sunny, and we had time to kill, so we retraced our steps. The streets were full of people walking here and there, and the flowers that decorate the pubs were bright in the sun.

We met up with Rich and Melinda at Jameson's for lunch, and a tour, and whiskey tasting.

We finished the day with dinner and beer at Parnell's, a pub just around the corner from our hotel. Then the fun part: pack everything except for clothes for tomorrow, and do the paperwork for our VAT refund. Oh joy.

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